• Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
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  • Infrastructure
  • Cost Consultation
  • Projects Management
  • Cost Management
  • Value Engineering
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  • Dispute Settlement Services
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Our Services

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Architectural Design

Through great planning, our specialized interior designers strive to deliver client requirements in an accurate way.

Interior Design

Darac’s team is known to be among the top and most competitive interior design companies . We are specialized in Interior designing for your luxury Villa’s ,Palaces , Commercial,


Exterior home design is one of the most important areas which needs an expert to take care of. Villa owners often times overlooked if the designers they hire are experts

Cost Consultation

Feasibility Studies and Conceptual Estimating; Project Budgeting; Cost Planning / Cost Control Estimates (in either elemental or trade format); Assembly of Tender Packages; Tender Review and Contractor Selection; Functional Cost Analysis; Review and Recom

Projects Management

Major construction projects are complex undertakings, often involving hundreds of subcontractors and suppliers, thousands of workers and billions worth of QAR in materials, equipments and services. Coordinating and synchronizing such operations demand fir